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I am very passionate about working with rescue dogs, “helping the dogs that need it the most “.

Rescue dogs will often need a different approach due to their past experiences, and
I see lots of dogs that have been rescued from abroad. These dogs, due to past learning, trauma and the trauma of traveling to the uk, finding themselves in a home when they may have only ever lived on the streets, can bring many unique struggles that need unique strategies.
These dogs can be extremely pressure sensitive and regular training methods can prove too much. As a pro dog trainer, Pro dog trainer Geek and PDT club member, I have an understanding about the way their brains are shaped differently from other dogs. This enables me to create a special plan taking into account all the needs and the very careful handling they need. A Rescue dog is often very misunderstood.

If you would like help with your rescue or advise before your rescue arrives, please don’t hesitate to contact me , after all my mission is to “help dogs live their best life“

So what do you get with the Rescue Dog Transformation Plan.

  • 1x 1hr+ In depth consultation 
  • A bespoke plan of action 
  • 4-5 in person sessions 
  • 6mths online support 
  • Reasouces to help you get most out of your plan 
  • Contact Forn 

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