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Positive reinforcement .training methods strengthen and enhance the relationship between you and your dog as you work collaboratively toward a mutual goal in an encouraging, stress-free and fear-free environment. The dog participates in the learning process with a positive attitude, and enjoys working and interacting with the trainer. By utilizing positive training techniques, we raise a dog who is confident, communicative, and eager to please.Successful dog trainers today do not view training in isolation of the totality of the dog/owner relationship. We look at training not as something that happens during a specified session, but rather as something that occurs with every interaction with your dog. We recognize the core of dog training as the dog/owner bond.Β 

The games are great fun for both you and your dog. You can play them anywhere on a dog walk, at home, at a show or competition, and at any time. The games are developed to train your dog's brain by reshaping, so the dog is equipped to deal with real-life events and situations. They teach your dog to choose appropriate behaviour whatever the situation. How exciting to think you and your dog will be having a fantastic time when training is no longer a chore.Β 

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